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A single C-123B was tested as a possible replacement for the aircraft, with its rear loading ramp removed and replaced with a large box with 28 large lights. The aircraft could continuously light a two-mile circle from an altitude of 12,000 ft. This aircraft, under the provisional designation NC-123B was dropped because the lights, fixed to the aircraft, made it far easier for enemy gunners to track compared to the earlier flare ships.

The "Candle" aircraft had an extended life when several UC-123Ks were transferred to in . During that period, it was used as a flare ship as well as a (FAC) aircraft. The flare duties were generally used for troops in contact (TIC) while the FAC mission directed in over the .

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123 S. Broadway: Shine Yoga Collective opened in February.

During the Vietnam War, some C-123s were modified for specialized roles. Most of these modifications were on a one- or two-aircraft level. Only the usage of C-123s as "flare ships" to illuminate targets for fixed wing such as the and were more numerous. These aircraft, operating under the call-sign were flown by the USAF's .

The C-123T has recently been revived by a joint venture between the US-based Fleetwings Aircraft Company and the South African company Elmer Group. In 2010, they announced a project to initially remanufacture old airframes for African customers and, where there was demand, to build new aircraft. The airframes would be fitted with new turboprop -A-15 engines, a glass cockpit and other enhancements. The proposed C-123T would have had a 25,000 lb payload capability, and a take-off run of just over 1,000 ft at 50,000 lb MTOW. Possible applications included maritime patrol, search and rescue, and even use as a gunship, while roll-on packages have already been developed for mid-air refueling and agricultural applications.