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The other peripheral is a new Xbox 360 Media Remote, allowing you to control the Xbox 360′s dashboard, DVD and CD playback, and media playback through Xbox LIVE, as well as volume and power on many popular brands of TVs. It features a high-polish top case and rubberised keys, including A, B, X, Y buttons, D-pad navigation, back and select in addition to media playback controls. The remote requires two AAA batteries and also will work with Xbox LIVE applications like Sky Player, Zune Marketplace and more.

Xbox 360 Media Remote je daljinec, ki je kompatibilen z vsako Xbox 360 konzolo. Preko daljinca lahko krmilite Xbox 360, naprimer med gledanjem filmov, listanjem slik, predvajanjem glasbe,..

The new Xbox 360 Media Remote helps you maximize your Xbox experience

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(2013-01-05 09:51)HwyXingFrog Wrote:  I would assume that the remotes would have the same basic keymap to control the Xbox 360. I returned the one I picked up to FutureShop as it didn't work out of the box. But I may go pick one up again and try your keymap.


The media remote works with my Xbox-360 Universal remote files.

A few things I dont like about the media remote.
1. No Stop button (I modded the config to use the record button as stop)
2. No Eject Button
3. No Backlight
4. Feels kinda small

Picture of the Xbox-360 Media Remote

Edit: This script will work out of the box with a standard (K)Ubuntu install. It will install Lirc if not already installed.
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Microsoft's Xbox 360 Media Remote () redefines the term "bare bones." Available for a limited time only with the $400 Xbox 360 bundle (that is, the high-end premium Xbox 360 version, not the Core System), the Media Remote is better than nothing, but not much, though it's better than the standard Xbox 360 controller for digital media tasks.

After the restart, you should be able to use your Xbox 360 remote with Windows Media Center. However there is still one problem. You will notice that Media Center responds to all buttons from your Xbox 360 remote except for the Vol +/- , CH +/- and the Mute button. Fortunately there is a way to get them work too. You will need to download Intelliremote from Melloware. Its a great piece of software which lets you completely customize each and every key of your remote control for specific applications. It sits quietly in your tray area awaiting infrared signals. Moreover, you can also create profiles for specific application and can switch between them anytime you want. However its not free and comes at a price of $24 but you can from vendors web site.