Fleet Hower created these 3D Print Puzzle Toys called .

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The relative tolerance I think is a really important thing for people to understand. If you remember the episode last week about , CAD software tolerance and fitting of parts together is something we talked about. That a program like that actually can help you fit parts together virtually and see if there are interferences or conflicts between parts. Obviously, that’s a very high end CAD software. You probably wouldn’t use that for 3D print puzzle toys like this.

These 3D print puzzle toys, I think it’s a great category and it gives you really broad range of all the things you can do. You can create animals, you can create shapes, you can create blocks. You can do all sorts of things in this realm of it that really give you an ability to explore the concepts. Concepts such as fit, finish, just the expansion and contraction of the materials on this machine, how much tolerance space. There’s so many things to explore.

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What I like about these 3D print puzzle toys is that they’re really combining new manufacturing techniques with old manufacturing techniques. They have a different philosophy than we do when it comes to 3D printing things. They’re 3D printing their parts with support material, because they’re creating a lot of organic forms that are, no matter what orientation you put them in, you need support in order to print them.

I think the idea of doing 3D print puzzle toys is great design project and challenge. We’ve been hearing from a lot people that they’re struggling, that you guys are struggling with staying inspired and excited as you’re going through the 3D print learning process. We get that. It’s like you have to challenge yourself from both a design and engineering product special, whatever it might be that is the problem for you or area that you need to work on the most.