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Graco 4ever All-in-One Convertible Car Seat, Cougar


The Veronicas - 4ever 2009 ThEvErOnIcAs

besides reinterpreting the timeless design of this iconic car, my idea of circular economy friendly cars is as follows:
light weight means lower fuel consumption and so less pollution. so lightweight steel frame galvanized in a galvanic bath to ensure stability and rust protection (like the first 'espace), body panels and interior in biodegradable plastic and recyclable polymers, mechanical parts in steel and aluminum.
and if 80 years ago, people recycled used car upholstery to make clothes and mattresses, today we take used clothes and mattresses to make the upholstery of the car, adding foam soy, wheat straw, natural fibers and recycled resins.
and finally to make sure that the car returns to recycling centers, the car could be sold at a price that includes a deposit... like you do with pet glasses at festivals. once the cars life cycle is completed, who returns the 4ever renault to the dealer will be entitled to his reward.

We want to let our fans know that 4ever is going to bring them an experience like no other, and We want to thank them for supporting our music. It’s a very humbling experience to know that you have fans in a country we never ever visited and where our music is making an impact. We are going to make them feel like the wait was well worth it. To find more about 4ever’s tour dates, new pic’s, videos, Bio’s, and new music visit us at , on You Tube, and on ou.

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Well, first of all we feel very excited and honoured to be the first. We know that the wait will be worth it. You can expect from us the unexpected; I mean our shows are very explosive, romantic, sensual, and full of energy. We sing 4-part harmony, we dance, and the fans participate in our show. It’s going to be fun, believe that! Australia will witness Bachata first hand with 4ever, and we will bring music as the messengers of this style.

Bachateros: People are very excited here in Australia about you guys coming. 4Ever will be the first ever Bachata band to come to the land down under. What can you tell to the Australia fans, what can we expect?