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Santani is an artist from Russia, who makes the most adorable fantasy creatures. She uses various materials such as use fimo, sculpey and fabric fur to create her dolls, designed after animals like chinchillas and owls. If you take a look at account, you can tell that these cute animal dolls are in high demand. Hopefully she will set up a shop in the future. I wonder what their price will be though, since it will probably take quite some time to complete one.

This amigurumi Crochet pattern will instruct you to make these three little amigurumi animal dolls This amigurumi Crochet pattern will instruct you to make

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    Santani, which is the girl’s nickname on and , uses doll plastics like fimo clay, cernit, sculpey and sonet combined with fabric fur to create these detailed fantasy animal dolls. She started sculpting the dolls and putting them on the Internet seven years ago. Santani‘s style has changed a lot since then and her initially monstrous and scary sculptures evolved into less frightening and more beautiful dolls. The majority of her soft-bodied framed dolls fall into categories like Inari Foxes, Tiny Griffins and My Little Dragon.

    are perfect gifts for animal lovers! These dolls usually depict various breeds of the same type of animal on the different dolls. Cats. dogs and owls nesting dolls are among our customers all-time favorites. Authentic handmade animal nesting dolls are generally hard to find. The artists that paint these usually paint them because they are animal lovers themselves and simply enjoy paining animals. We routinely secure new and unique animal portrait Russian babushka dolls so check back from time to time if you want to see various different painting styles featuring various animals. These dolls are not printed or mass produced; each doll is drawn and then hand-painted in Russia by various well known nesting doll artisans. Don't forget that you can add gift wrapping to any item when you check out of our store.