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Star Wars 2011 Vintage Collection Action Figure #54 ARC Trooper Commander


ARC TROOPER Commander Figure | Action Figures for ages 4 YEARS & UP

ARC Troopers action figure reviews. Alpha from the 30th Anniversary Collection Comic 2 Pack (w/ Obi-Wan Kenobi) . Red ARC Trooper from the Legacy Collection. Yellow ARC Trooper from the 30th Anniversary Order 66 2 Pack (w/ Master Sev)

Articulation: My complaints with previous ARC Trooper figures were focused primarily on articulation, or lack thereof. ARC Trooper in the comics and cartoons are jumping around and blasting droids like madmen, and I felt that all previous figures failed to give us the articulation to represent this. This figure has a balljointed: head, shoulders, abs(ab crunch), hips, knees, and ankles. Pretty much this figure has the articulation to pose him however you like.

ARC Trooper Figure, ARC Troopers, Star Wars The Clone Wars Collection

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