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One needs a baby registry checklist when they have a baby coming! In order to not mistake later it is necessary that the check list prepared in advance so that they can easily know what important things they have missed and what things are needed to be bought for their child. The checklist template can be edited easily by adding in any other important thing that you might feel you need for the baby. Also things arranged in order can end up in a successful planning. You can also see

The sample baby checklist will include the two sections that are the things that are to be purchased now and the things that can be purchased later on. For the things that are necessary to be purchased now would include the things like clothing and blankets later own it can unite the extra pair of towels and blankets and even other sets of diapers that can be bought sometime later. The checklist can however be easily customized and there is always space to add new things.

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  • "Basics" - New Baby Checklist for the first two months

  • "Extras" - New Baby Checklist for the first two months

  • "Basics" - Baby Checklist for the first year

  • "Extras" - Baby Checklist for the first year

  • Toddler Checklist for the second year

  • Toddler Checklist for the third year




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The baby registry checklist templates are really useful for the purpose if one need to manage things smoothly and in orderly manner. A baby certainly need a lot of care and when one has the baby it becomes difficult to provide the things direct at that particular time; as parents might be busy in taking care of the baby, therefore having a checklist would make the planning easier.

I love your baby checklist and find it as a great bare-minimum guideline. I do have a question about cloth diapers. Do they really save you money, time, and stress? If I stuck with the recommended list of necessities for cloth diapers I would have to wash them every 2 days. That seems like something I wouldn’t want to make time to do. Also, my partner is against using cloth diapers but I’m all for them IF are savers. What is your take how much water is used, the time it takes to clean them, and the added stress of having to clean them every two days? I would love to hear your opinion and more about your experience! I hope your girl is doing well!