knotted baby gown in heather grey

Luvable Friends Baby 3 Pack Rib Infant Gowns, Gray/Orange Fox, 0-6 Months


Personalized : Monogrammed Baby Gowns

I have been searching stores for baby gowns and not loving the selection. I may be old fashioned (maybe it's because I am OLDER than other women having a new baby!) but I like for babies to look like babies and not mini adults. I also want plain soft fabrics and pretty little details.

The baby gown is larger, I am not sure how it will fit on a newborn, but hoping I can use it for a longer length of time. The elastic bottom makes for an easy opening to change diapers. I like that it has foldover mittens for smaller babies as well. The shoulder snaps seem like they will make it easier for getting the baby in and out of the gown. The biggest thing is how incredibly sturdy and soft the cloth feels.

Newborn Infant Layette Baby Gown

  • White Cotton Baby Gown
  • Newborn Layette Infant Gown Baby Gown Girl by LalaBirdBoutique,

    Very soft and fits our little girl well. She was born a little early and so most clothes don't fit her. We don't want to invest in preemie clothes that will only last a few weeks, so baby gowns are great. They fit her now and will for months to come.

    Baby Girl Onesie Dress, Baby Girl Dress, Sleep Gown, Layette, Beautiful Baby Nightgown, Newborn Sleep Sack, Baby Girl Onesie, Summer Dress. $33.00, via Etsy.