Here are some tips to help you try baby massage at home:

Baby Massage: The Calming Power of Touch


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1. Set a routine. From the day you bring your baby home from the hospital, create a daily routine. If you’re a little too late for that, start today! Do things in the same order every day – paying particular attention to the events that lead up to bedtime. For me, my evening routine consists of an evening feeding, bath time, baby massage, PJ’s, story time, swaddling, lights out. At a very early age, my baby would recognize that after story time, I would turn the lights out and it was time for bed.

Mini Marvels and Sing and Sign Colchester will be holding taster sessions during the event, along with a number of other organisations, providing talks on antenatal fitness, baby massage, storytelling and sensory baby classes.

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Baby Massage

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You can pay for a professional baby massage therapist to massage your child for you but it makes more sense to simply do it yourself. There are many videos online on Youtube showing you different baby massage techniques and there are also many how-to articles online and books available about the topic. Why miss such a great opportunity to relate to your baby.

Baby massage is a way to keep your baby healthy and relaxed. It can help with colic because the baby becomes so relaxed during the procedure he or she starts burping or passing gas.