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Organic Cotton Baby Protective Pillow (Cloud Lamb) Sleeping Pillow.From Newborn

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Baby Pibu ™ is the first ever infant skincare line developed by a dermatologist mom. Learn more about skincare visionary Dr. Amy and what sparked the need for these products.

Baby Pibu is proud to offer products carrying the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association: Baby Pibu’s Bathtime Wash, Baby Butter moisturizing cream and Hydrating Ointment. For basic daily care, Baby Pibu’s Bathtime wash and Baby Butter can be used for all skin types including sensitive skin that is prone to eczema. To prevent and soothe eczema, Hydrating Ointment can be used as the moisturizing agent of choice. You can feel confident in using these safe products knowing that they are dermatologist-developed and clinically-tested to be shown to be hypoallergenic and irritant-free. Remember, all 3 products can be used from babyhood to toddlerhood so feel good when using them on all of your children. Celebrate eczema awareness month with the 20% off savings!

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carrick cry

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maxwell being maxwell

maxwell being maxwell

missing u dad

upto no good

Daniel 4 months

Daniel 2 months


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Baby with flower

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Bath Time...

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If you want an online of your own, then sign up for a free account on Baby Pics! It's a great way to gather all the pictures of your baby in one place and easily share them with friends and family. See a sample .

One of the most challenging projects an amateur, or even a professional, photographer faces is taking baby pictures. Despite a baby's cuddliness, you seem to lose your patience since babies, unlike grown up kids, are not in any way capable of following directions. You can catch their attention but this does not seem to make them stay still for you to take a decent photograph of them (at least that's my experience on the subject). In times like this, aside from patience, you need to equip yourself with tips and technical guidelines of taking baby photos and some advanced knowledge on different camera settings, which you can use to produce picture perfect baby photos.