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Is there any wonder that projects making use of baby foot prints and hand prints have a special category in the craft community? On this page we have some unique baby hand print footprint crafts ideas in baby blue for boys and pretty pink for baby girls.

While t-shirts are fun, it’s a real challenge to keep our baby hand and footprints preserved in an unaltered pristine state. We want to keep the records safe so that our great grandchildren can compare their baby prints to ours at some date in the very distant future!

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    A Baby FootPrint! A unique and highly personalised print, drawn by hand initially, showing the footprints and birth details of a new born baby.

    The best way to do this is to get a professional baby hand and footprint kit. These baby foot prints and hand prints will be made in a plaster like mix not with ink on paper. Baby foot print ink is messy, but in a different way than baby footprint plaster, so wait till baby is napping peacefully to get a crisp, clean set of 3D baby feet prints pretty enough to frame.