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If your baby cannot sit up independently with full neck and head control, you’re not safely ready for a backpack style baby carrier. There are some backpack carriers that have molded areas to hold a baby’s head, personally I don’t feel there is enough support. Most backpack type carriers can hold a child that weight between 30 to 50 pounds, however I have seen a couple of models that could accommodate 70 pounds.

I admit it, I was one of those people that just thought a baby carrier backpack was just for hiking. And I was not a huge fan of hiking. Then I got gifted a backpack baby carrier when my son was around 10 months old, and it changed my opinion completely. No, I don’t like to hike, but I do enjoy going to the zoo, long walks with our dog or strolling through an art museum. My baby was safe, secure, and there was no stroller to contend with. After my first backpack carrier suffered a broken strap from sheer overuse, I started looking for a replacement, and I learned not all backpack carriers are created equally.

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    For a good backpack baby carrier you want it strong and sturdy, yet as lightweight as possible. With this in mind, the majority of backpack carriers will be made from aluminum or alloy type frame. This lightweight construction allows for even weight distribution, less fatigue, and more comfort for the wearer. A good key is to fit the backpack at your hips first and then work up towards your shoulders with the straps, so you are positioning the majority of the weight around the hip area, not your upper body. This will result in far less fatigue.

    These Gerry® TrailTech™ backpack baby carriers have black, plastic contoured frames. They were sold in color combinations of slate blue with teal trim, green with black trim, navy blue and purple with green trim, and blue and purple with silver trim. A tag on the outside of the carrier reads "GERRY®." A long tag, originally inside the carrier when sold, reads, "GERRY TRAIL TECH/TRAIL TECH HP." Writing imprinted on the plastic frame reads, "GERRY." The carrier has a removable, washable seat; a storage pouch; a loading stand; and a padded hip belt.