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Availabe in the Bakery Set and the Cupcafe Cafe Set

ProCook's professional bakeware range is ideal for any baker with any level of kitchen experience. We stock a selection of high quality bakeware sets, cake pans and other essential baking accessories, at the lowest prices - guaranteed. Whether you want to bake some cakes, biscuits, or tarts, we have the tools for you. Our cheap bakeware, bakeware sets and baking accessories cannot be found elsewhere in the UK as they are exclusive to ProCook. Made to our high quality specifications, these superior items are all worthwhile additions to any household.

Starting a bakery business requires you to decide exactly what you are going to sell. Targeting a specific niche withing the baking industry sets your bakery apart and may help you generate sales. For example, you might focus on vegan offerings or use only organic ingredients. A consistent product encourages repeat business from satisfied clients. Work out your recipes so you get the same results each time you bake the items. The presentation of the baked goods also makes an impression on the customers. Work on your product presentation before you start your bakery. Pricing is another aspect of developing your products. You need an accurate calculation of food costs and the time it takes to bake the products to ensure you are making a profit.

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    Our bakery cases only uses the highest-grade materials when making its products. High-quality, commercial-grade acrylic panels allow your customers to clearly see your display of cookies, brownies, cupcakes, doughnuts and strudels. Keep your bagels, muffins and bread loaves super fresh in our counter-top bakery displays that keep airborne germs out while catching the eyes of everyone that passes by. Our bakery sets come in a variety of shapes and sizes that can match whatever theme or style you have in your location. Try out our two- and three-tier bakery displays, which come in wood, bamboo or black matte steel. Attract attention with our tiered clear acrylic display cases and keep your customers coming back for more.