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No matter what you ask this Batman, he's going to answer you back in the affirmative with a sly head nod. Our Batman bobbleheads are fun to collect and display at work or home. Now, when you ask Batman whether you should take a third break within an hour, you can put it on Batman when your boss notices. It was all him, he told me I could! Because we all know that the Dark Knight totally trumps the boss.

Bazinga! Big Bang Batman Bobblehead. Nobody is more excited for the Batman: The Dark Knight Rises than Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory. Look he’s even bobbing his head with excitement. The combines multiple key geek points into one genius and truly visionary bobbling piece of cross promotional goodness.

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    Yeah, the Dark Knight takes himself pretty seriously, but that doesn't mean you have to! Get some laughs with this Batman Dark Knight Rises Bobblehead. The Caped Crusader's tightly masked head will bob and bob when you jostle this Batman bobblehead, which features a highly detailed resin head knocker. He may be Gotham's top crime fighter, but he also has a sense of humor. Doesn't he? Well, you do!

    Wow, here's a crazy idea - give the murderous and unmerciful Bane his own bobblehead figure! Well, he certainly seems less threatening when you play with this Bane Dark Knight Rises Bobblehead. This Batman bobblehead features Bane in all his gruesome glory, with Batman's shattered mask lying at his feet. Something tells us the Gotham good-guy will be back, though.