beeboo Big Bubble Mix makes it easy for anyone to create big bubbles

World record beeboo® bubble mix. Just add water. Made in USA. (Makes 1 gallon)


beeboo Big Bubble Mix makes it easy for anyone to create big bubbles

There was no question at all about the Major ness of the XTREME bubble-making experience. I personally have never seen bubbles so large, so ameoba-like in their blobitude, so surprising in their floaty formations. Not having made an exhaustive comparison, I can not attest to the fact that beebo Big Bubble Mix results in the biggest of all possible bubbles. It worked. It was easy to mix, easy to make work. Learning to use the bubble wand was most definitely an integral part of the whole experience. As a connoisseur of all things fun, I can tell you that this stuff is great fun. And I mean great!

The beeboo Big Bubble Pro Wand is a two handled wand. The Pro Wand is our largest bubble wand, which means it makes the biggest bubbles. Seven foot loop of wick material allows you to blow gigantic bubbles.

Wooden handles are laser engraved and measures 30 inch. The two wooden handles are connected by a seven foot loop of super absorbent cotton wick. The cotton wick holds more solution. That means you get more big bubbles with each dip.

The two handled design is the type of wand that has been used to set every big bubble record in the last 25 years, including the one that we set in 2005. This design is better than any other type of big bubble wand available because you can easily hold the wand high up off the ground and create big, huge, colorful bubbles, high above the heads of little bubble poppers! Now your big bubbles last a long time.

beeboo Big Bubble Mix makes it easy to blow big bubbles

  • Wooden handles are laser engraved and connected with a 70" loop of super absorbent wicking material. You can make lots of big bubbles with each dip in your big bubble solution.
  • World Record Setting Big Bubble Wand. Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Platinum Award. As seen on NBC TODAY Show. Made in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA.
  • Constructed using the two handled design, which has been used to set every big bubble World Record in the last 25 years.
  • Can be used with any bubble solution, but for best results should be paired with our world record setting beeboo Big Bubble Mix.
  • This big bubble wand is specifically designed to make it easy for youngsters to blow big bubbles.

beeboo Big Bubbles Bouncing on Water

We threw a bubble birthday party, and it was not hard at all. Apparently, I’ve been acquiring bubble tools and solution for years now: when we hauled out all our bubble gear, we didn’t need to buy a thing. If you’re not crazy-insane for bubbles, you may want to purchase a few things or take some time to mix up DIY solution and create your own wicked cool bubble wands (with or without the children depending on your patience).

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