He's a bicycle kid, he's eleven years old.

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Bicycle kid down at the aquadrome.

BSA Champ is one bicycle for kids in India that is perhaps the best known and sold. This cycle is both good looking and sturdy and equally popular among boys and girls. There are many different models of BSA champ according to gender and the age of the kid. Another bicycle for kids in India that is extremely popular is Hercules Rodeo. This is a lightweight geared bike that is loved by school going kids because of the ease with which the bike moves on road with minimum of effort put in by the rider. Rodeo has a very wide range with dozens of models full of attractive features and colours for kids. Hero cycles have also introduced a great range of bicycles for kids with the most popular model being Hero Sprint. Avon cycles, in its desire not to be left behind in this lucrative market, have introduced Avon Cruiser to attract kids of different ages.

All kids start their biking experience with tricycles and later graduate to bicycles when they learn how to balance it. Kids’ bikes are always colourful and glamorous as manufacturers try to make them attractive for children. All cycle manufacturers make bicycle for kids in India as a very high percentage of their cycles are used by kids of different ages. One can easily buy bicycles for kids depending upon his age and budget as there are available dozens of models of bicycles especially designed for kids by the manufacturers.

Bicycle kid in trouble with a policeman.

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Bicycle kid "he's a good boy at home".

India is a huge market for bicycle manufacturers. Nearly 10 million bicycles are manufactured and sold in India every year. A large percentage of these bicycles are bought by parents for their growing kids. Nearly every child in India gets a bicycle from his parents for recreation though many kids also use their bicycle to go to their schools. Bicycles for kids in India are available from all top cycle manufacturers. These cycles are made keeping in mind the height and weight of kids whether they are boys or girls.

Before buying a bicycle for kids in India, it is very important to assess the needs of your child. Also keep in mind his height and weight before buying a bicycle so that he gets maximum comfort while riding the bike. Size of the bike is most important thing to keep in mind before buying the bike. Buy a size that is appropriate to the height and weight of your kid and does not put pressure on him when riding. Check the brakes as they are important in stopping a moving bike to prevent any mishap.