Crack-Ups Stop Big Car Race (1951)

Lewo Wooden Creative Big Ramp Race with 4 Small Cars


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In 1936 the first commercial advertisements for big car races appeared. Big cars were advertised on two occasions that year. The first occasion was on May 15 when “Big Car AAA Auto Races” were advertised for Union Speedway, Union N. J. This was the first use of the term in a commercial advertisement that I found where the term big car stood alone and was not used to draw a comparison to midgets. Then later that month, “Mixed Races, Midgets, Big Cars” were advertised for May 31 at Marion Speedway, Dayton, Ohio. I found no other advertisements for big cars that year.

In 1938, Floyd Travis ran an advertisement announcing “Parts for Midgets and Big Cars.” Green Engineering advertised “Midget and Big Car Parts.” Big car races were advertised for Ozone Park, L.I.; Keene N. H.; Union N. J.; Newmarket N. H.; the Nebraska State Fair; and Elsmere, Delaware.

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