blue medical suction bulb on a white background.

Briggs 650-4004-0121 Bulb Syringe Sterile, 2 Ounce


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Young babies can benefit from nasal suction. Blue nasal suction bulbs are an old trick that can help move a boogie and provide temporary relief for a baby who just wants to feed or catch a nap. Many hospitals provide a blue suction bulb upon discharge for all newborns. You might just have come home with one. There are a few newfangled nasal suction devices on the market now that may also be useful. Humidified air can also be helpful. Many parents will use a cool mist humidifier in a child's room to help “loosen up” the congestion. Always be aware of and carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions for cleaning these devices as they can grow potentially dangerous molds and bacteria.

Rita commanded the father to hand her the blue suction bulb. As he went fumbling over to the wooden bassinet, Rita called out for help and when the nurses weren't coming fast enough, she raised her voice louder and with more urgency. She took the suction bulb, squeezed it, and swiped the baby's mouth from one side to the other,...

The EXACT baby nasal aspirators used in hospitals.

  • a blue medical suction bulb on a white background
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