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BOB Revolution CE Stroller, Black


BOB Revolution CE City Stroller - Kohl's

Designed with a pivoting front wheel and a lightweight frame, the BOB Revolution CE Stroller offers a smooth, safe ride and will fit right into your hectic, urban lifestyle. The easy-to-fold frame and suspension system provide convenience and comfort that both you and your baby will appreciate. And the stroller is packed with extra features like a reclining seat and an adjustable, multi-position canopy.

We were sent the BOB Revolution CE Stroller to review, as it was meant to accommodate a lot more weight and have a bigger seat so would probably last a bit longer. The Boy and I eagerly unwrapped the box and set to putting it together (a little bit tricky) and he eagerly clambered in. And that is why it's taken me longer than I would have liked to review. While the seat of the BOB is wider and it has a decent amount of leg space, the hood is very flat and it left very little head space. When the hood is folded back, there is a lot of folded fabric to accommodate and it takes up space where his head should have been. When the canopy is open and extended fully, the upper sling of the fabric doesn't support his head.

BOB Revolution CE Stroller - Black

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Bob Revolution CE Stroller - Duration: 4:02

Warranty InformationThe BOB Revolution CE Stroller is backed by a limited five-year warranty on the frame and a limited one-year warranty on the small parts and fabric.

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