XLAB Mezzo Pod (Water bottle storage pod) by XLAB.

Medela Breast Milk Collection and Storage Bottles, 5 Ounce, 6 Count


Paint Racks Etc. 2 oz paint bottle storage Paint Bottle Organizer

Additional bottle storage is offered behind the saddle with a built in mount. The seat post can actually pierce the upper beam and is held in place by a single pinch bolt, but the post can be cut at the bottom for maximum aerodynamics. This bike’s post has already been cut. Most bikes will likely be fit, then cut to size for the owner who will then still have a small range of adjustment.

Below I've gathered several water bottle storage and organization ideas provided by readers, showing practical real world ways they keep these bottles from getting so out of control.

There's a few organizational challenges when dealing with water bottles. The first is that you've got to keep track of the bottle itself, and a lid, and sometimes a few other parts as well.

In addition, they aren't easily stackable normally, are not typically uniform in size if you've got a hodgepodge collection of them like we do in our family, and they easily fall over causing an avalanche when you open a cabinet door, if that's where you keep them.

That's why I recently got this reader question:

Water bottle storage ideas would be great! We run a lot and at races we get lots of water bottles and we always use them, but for the life of me, I have not figured out a functional storage solution for them. It seems to me that it should be simple. Lol.
So I asked readers what they did, and I got many suggestions

The most popular ideas are shown below. I'd love to get even more ideas for organizing these bottles though (we do it as part of the ), so if you have your own suggestions (especially with pictures) make sure you and I'll add them to the page.

Make sure before you begin organizing them all though that you as part of the Declutter 365 mission, so you're only organizing and storing the bottles you truly love and will use.

Upcycled plastic bottle drawer storage system

Aluminum Storage Bottles
Durable, and reusable, with lined plastic caps.  

Woodworkers: use bottles to store wood finishes
that degrade over time when left in original
containers.  Or, make your own finish per
instructions below.

3 Sizes:  8oz,  4oz,  2.5oz

How to Make a Glue Bottle Storage Rack

Seattle-based Platypus is the market leader in creating flexible and versatile hydration solutions. For over two decades, Platypus has produced innovative products that redefine what hydration looks like for active and outdoor use, from creating the flexible water bottle category with the SoftBottle to simplifying life in the backcountry with the gravity-fed GravityWorks filter systems. All Platypus bottles and storage solutions are taste-, BPA-, BPS-, and phthalate-free, and are proudly manufactured in the United States and Ireland.

The walls, floors and ceiling are insulated, and the room is kept at a constant 58 degrees — important when a Sonoma summer and early fall days can bring 100-plus-degree temperatures that “cook” unprotected wine. Bottles are stored on unstained redwood racks, which include extra-large spaces for Champagne and large-format bottles such as magnums and jeroboams. The room’s compact, walk-in design makes it easy to see and access the wines.