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Last week Colton and I went to to build a My Little Pony. Yes my little dude is a bit of a Brony, he loves My Little Pony, he watches the show, plays with the toys, and plays the games on the ipad. No matter what a little one is making, one thing is for sure they are going to have a great time at the . We have been to Build A Bear before, but Colton was very young so this was actually the first time he was really into it and that made this visit a lot more exciting!

I was super excited when I opened the box and saw that she cam with a coronation cape, gold bow flats, and of course a princess tiara. Our daughter Elizabeth who is now 15 was probably just as excited as I was when she saw the Princess Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony after her ballgame. Her first statement was, “Oh my, it just got real up in here I have my own Build A Bear My Little Pony.” Very fitting for Elizabeth and I was surprised that she was as excited as she was about it. When I told her it was mine, she told me I should share, and of course I will.

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