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Buses R Us is a South Australian family owned bus/coach company based in Adelaide, with over 19 years experience within the industry General Manager Geoff Grantham, offers a safe and reliable service both local and interstate.

BUSES R US, is located in South Florida, is a New and Used Bus location. Our Inventory is made up of a vast selection of new and used buses. Our prices and the quality of the way we do business puts us a step above the competitors and that my friends says a lot about who we are.

2012 Ford E-450 at the back of the depot yard at buses r us in adelaide in march 2014 | - BUSES R US - Full Service Bus Dealership

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Buses R Us has established itself within the education market place as a true leader committed to students transport needs. With the ever changing requirements Buses R Us now have branched out, with the purchase of luxury touring coaches, taking our name further around the country.

Buses R Us is a professional transportation company with a variety of services on offer for both the commercial and government sectors. Buses R Us can provide cost effective solutions to your transportation needs.