I will take some out the stash and buy you that new Mercedes

And buy you that new Mercedes


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“It seems it’s when we behave unreasonable—to use the government word—because only when we strike, demonstrate, civil disobedience that the Prime Minister listen. It seems like…you know when I was younger; you know who get the meat pie first at the line when yo go to buy yo meat pie? Dah only di one weh push up and make the most noise because that’s how they have treated us, like dogs. Only when we behave crazy and simple, the government listen. And I am sorry to say, if we continue to do the same thing expecting to get different results; that is insanity. This government will not listen to us when we write a letter, when we just give a nice interview. They will not listen. They will only listen…that is why it is important for all social partners to join in and support the teachers in their endeavours. It is very important for all stakeholders to come on board.”

The actual mechanics, meanwhile, have a bit of that Pokemon vibe to it, though it has its own unique differences. Building a six-man team is fun, for example, thanks to the various tribes, elements and roles that the various Yo-Kai can fulfill. For most of the game, for example, I played with a team that featured one tank, one status inflicter and four attackers. Putting together Yo-Kai from the same tribe also grants bonuses such as increased speed or defense, for example. This makes planning your team fun, especially as you gather more and more creatures. Depending on which Yo-Kai you use and how you arrange them, you can have a trio whose synergies make them hard to kill, which is great for drawn-out battles or buying yourself some time. You can then rotate your formation and suddenly switch to your other trio, which can be a high-damage output group that can sweep foes. You can even have tweener trios on that same six-man team depending on how you rotate your formation wheel.

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  • Determine whether you need to sell your current home in order to afford a new one. If so, any offer to buy that you make will be contingent on that sale. Contingent offers are more risky and less desirable for the seller, since the sale can't be completed until the buyer's house is sold. You may want to put your current house on the market first.

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Yomega has taken the mystery out of buying yo yos. Each yo yo in the Yo to Pro system is in a color coded package with a dial that indicates the amount of prior experience required to best utilize the features of each model. The Yomega Maverick is a Pro level yo yo, meant for the experienced player, packaged in black. Feature Icons on the front of the package let you know the outstanding features of each model. The Maverick is a wing shaped yo yo built of airplane grade aluminum with a "C" sized bearing.

One of my favorite experiences in is when you take the train to stay with your grandmother in a nearby town. You walk to the train station, buy a ticket, wait on the platform for the correct train, transfer from one line to another, then wait for the right stop before disembarking. You then take the bus from the train station to the village proper, where your grandmother is waiting at the stop alongside an unpaved road to meet you. From there she leads you on a meandering route back to her home. She stops to introduce you to one of her friends who naturally says how nice and well behaved you are. She stops again at the local store, buying you a can of Soul Tea as a treat for your patience.