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Caillou Learns To Drive & Caillou's Big Friend (full) Justin Sherman

* Caillou Goes Caroling - Caillou goes out caroling for the very first time with Mommy, Daddy, Rosie, Grandpa and Grandma. He finds out caroling is lots of fun - you get to stay up late and surprise your friends with carols, and you even get treats! They finish up the night with a big finale at the seniors' home and Caillou imagines he's really 'dashing through the snow' in a horse and sleigh.
* A Playschool Party - It's a very special day at playschool as they celebrate the many ways of celebrating the holiday season. The children bring various seasonal objects for show and tell - Caillou brings his Christmas stocking to show. After a potluck feast the children go outside and build a snow fort together.
* Caillou's Christmas Eve - It's finally Christmas Eve and Caillou just can't wait for nighttime. He's planning to stay up all night to see Santa, but when the time comes he finds this to be a lot harder than he thought it would be. Just as he's dozing off he faintly hears Santa calling out "Merry Christmas!" And in the morning his stocking is full of treats!

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    Caillou Goes Caroling'; 'A Playschool Party'; 'Caillou's Christmas Eve.

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