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MLYX Men's Captain America Civil War Captain America Cosplay Costume Deluxe Outfit (X-Large, Whole Set)

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Oh my stars and stripes! The sexy includes a form-fitting jumpsuit, fingerless gloves and Captain America “A” headpiece. Pair with a Captain America outfit for a cool couples’ costume, or declare your independence and ride solo in this stunning number..

So we left the store and I prepared to buy a Captain America outfit the following weekend, even though technically it's considered a "boy costume."

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    Where Secret War Captain America stands out is with the new effect accessory packed in with the shield. No longer will you just be limited to sticking the shield on Cap’s back or clipping it to his wrist, as Hasbro has added a colored throwing effect to make it look like the Cap is flinging his shield across the battlefield. For some reason, instead of making it a simple clip for his wrist, the effect is fused to an alternate hand. While it might not matter if you intend to pose it with this figure, you won’t be able to use it with any other Captain America toy without it looking off since the hand is a different color than most all of Hasbro’s other Captain America toys.

    I've seen quite a few cosplay costumes that have been given a steampunk twist, and this Captain America steampunk outfit is one of my favourites!