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While a little dirt from your dog may not be too much trouble to deal with, , let alone dealing with the results of your dog scratching the car’s interior. The main pro of these best car seat covers for dogs is that they protect the interior and are easy to clean, and easy to install in just a few minutes.

Whether you’re traveling or taking a trip to the vet’s office, your pooch will be in your vehicle at least a couple of times each year. These five best car seat covers for dogs are likely to last for many years, especially if you take good care of them.

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This back dog car seat cover by 4Knines exhibits an excellently thought-out design. It keeps dogs comfortably positioned in the car while minimizing the frequency of removing dog hairs from the seats and car surfaces. This product comes in two sizes and colors of black, gray and tan. The material used is rated 190 GSM which measures the density, quality and weight of the material.

Car seat covers like the ones we have and the ones shown in the below list protect your vehicle’s upholstery from dog hair, dirt, debris, your pet’s claws, and from becoming stained. It’s one of the best investments for those who travel with dogs frequently.