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Carousel Bookcases; Carousel Bookcases

A stunning contemporary design for a bookcase from Levenger, featuring a four piece stacking round carousel style bookcase with three bookshelves and base. Constructed of hardwood with a medium finish. The circular shelves rotate individually and stack to create a lovely freestanding bookcase. Marked with Levenger signature coin maker mark to bottom.

I continue to get compliments on my carousel bookcase. The style and colour fit in perfectly with the house and I love that it can hold so much and yet take up so little space. What I found unique about Beagle House Woodwork, and what I appreciated the most, was the time you took to go over all the details before building the shelf. This gave me the chance to have a quality piece of furniture exactly how I wanted it.

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    A carousel bookcase is essentially an oversize Lazy Susan, like the ones found in kitchens. The bottom features a swivel base, which you can find at home improvement stores. The bookcase sits on top of the swivel base. Spin the base and gain access to books located on the back shelves. The finished design lets you store and organize multiple books in a limited space. Using four pre-made bookcases of the same size that you already own or purchase for the project makes building your own carousel bookcase a simpler task.

    The revolving bookcase is a traditional piece of furniture which is making something of a comeback in modern times and for good reason. This is an elegant piece of furniture which invokes some old world charm whilst at the same time offering a neat, functional and attractive item to accent your home decor. Also known as carousel bookcases, these are essentially comprised of a three or four shelf bookcase or display stand which revolves around a central spindle on casters.