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Uploaded by admin at Sunday, March 17, 2013, the cool Creative Living Room With Retro Car Inspired Furniture image above is one of the few cool photos that related to the main page Extraordinary Retro Cars Inspired Furniture by Polish Designer.

Car Furniture: Cars are great for repurposing as sofas, beds or tables. If you always wanted to own individually designed furniture or build furniture from the car of your choice, then this can be done by 'Cabinet-Car' for you. It's a German company that specializes in turning cars into furniture in accordance with the taste of the customers.

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All of our services are available to all customers. We happen to do a lot of military dity moves, so we have a lot of information about that, but we ship cars and furniture for anyone that needs that service.

It was actually Tom’s wife who first gave him the idea for converting old classic cars into furniture pieces. He has since created a variety of items for the home which include a television from a Porsche 911 and a toy chest from a 1980s Mercedes 380SL coupe. Another old Porsche forms the basis for an entertainment centre which boasts 40-inch TV electronically emerging from the back of the car at the flick of a button while the brake lights flash.