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At that point, Ginelle introduced the Cool Wazoo. She said that it contained material that redirected the heat back into the swing, or whatever the heat Source was. Ginelle also said that the cool Wazoo was 5 things in one. As well as being the swing cover, it was also the restaurant high chair cover the shopping cart cover, the changing pad as well as a car shade. Kevin looked on in confusion. Ginelle continued saying that she wanted a Shark who was in line with her vision that want to make an investment. Kevin started writing, saying that he didn’t have any of this crap when he was 5 years old and he survived somehow. Kevin wanted to know who was buying all of this junk. Ginelle let him know that concerned moms were the people who are buying this product. The moms worry about germs as well as the heat. Lori told Ginelle show Kevin the packaging to alleviate the confusion.

Use this Cambro TDC30C cover to complete your Cambro tray and dish cart system (sold separately)! Made out of vinyl, it is durable and won't easily stretch out or tear. It's specifically designed to fit Cambro's TDC30 tray and dish cart. Fitting snugly over the frame, it will help to keep dust and other particles off of your stored trays and dishes, protecting them and keeping them clean. Maintain proper sanitation with the help of this handy Cambro cart cover!

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    Lightweight, compact golf cart cover sets up in seconds and packs away just as easy. Convenient to store in your trunk or golf bag and easy to pack for travel, keep it close to keep you dry when it starts raining. Because golf is hard enough without getting wet.

    Ginelle Evans walked out into the Shark Tank and faced the Sharks in front of her. Ginelle introduced herself as the owner of Cool Wazoo, and ask the Sharks for $65,000 in exchange for 25% equity in her business. She showed the Sharks her diaper bag, which was filled to the brim with a bunch of different products. To know start pulling out various things in the bag including of restaurant high chair cover, a shopping cart cover, and a car shade, and a portable changing pad that looked really small. Ginelle told the Sharks that she couldn’t even fit diapers in the diaper bag. That was when Ginelle had a Eureka moment. She thought that she could have all of those products in one, and include her swing idea.