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Cheap framed above-ground pools are usually round with diameters measuring as little as 10 feet and spreading out to 18 feet; higher-priced models run as large as 30 feet across. Framed pools generally provide more swimming area than inflatable pools with comparable dimensions. Two of our picks, the Heritage 12' x 42" (starting at $399) and the Intex 15' x 48" (starting at $240), qualify as mid-size pools. The Seaview Club 18' x 42" Deluxe Pool (starting at $650) and 18' x 48" Summer Escapes Metal Frame Pool (starting at $450) hit the outer size limit for cheap round swimming pools. If right angles are more your style and better suited for the available space, check out the Intex 18' x 9' x 52" Ultra Frame Rectangular (starting at $751), which just tips into the Cheapism range.

Intex, Heritage, Seaview Club, and Summer Escapes are the big fish in the cheap swimming pools sea. Most framed backyard pools are round, with widths ranging between 8 feet and 30 feet and depths ranging from 30 inches to 52 inches. Framed rectangular pools start at about 12' x 24' x 52" and swell to 16' x 32' x 52". Most cheap pools are sold as kits that contain a liner, pump and filter, and skimmer, and some include bonus items such as a ground cloth, ladder, top cover, maintenance kit, and vacuum.

Cheap Inground Swimming Pools — Swimming Pool : Cheap Swimming Pools

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