Here’s the classic Pirate LEGO set:

LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box 10696


The Classic Mini Lego Set Officially Launches - MotoringFile

Important points for authentic assembly: even in the form of a LEGO set, the small car classic is a genuine British specimen and has its steering wheel on the right-hand side and a yellow number plate at the rear. The kit also includes a spare wheel: this is kept in the bottom compartment of the boot to save space. As with most products of the Creator Expert series, the recommended age for the classic Mini LEGO set is “16+”: regardless of this, young and old alike can fulfil the dream of reconstructing their own original without tools or a driving licence.

If you want the Classic Batmobile LEGO set and you’re not attending SDCC 2014, though, it will not be cheap! , and I don’t expect the prices to come down very much at all on this particular set. If you want this set and don’t want to pay the big bucks, your best bet very well may be to beg someone you know attending the show to try to snag one for you.

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