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Connect 4 Advanced is a three-dimensional game of four in a row. A player wins the game by getting four of his or her pieces in a row vertically, horizontally, or diagonally.

I'd never heard of this before I got it for a Christmas present a few years ago, although I had of course heard of the normal version. I'm sure everyone has heard of Connect 4, and everyone has probably played either the branded MB version or another version as you can get unbranded versions for lower prices at supermarkets etc. Its totally popular, and gets re invented every so often to remind people on the chance that they don't own it!

Setting up the game is easy - the box simply comes with the grid to put your pieces on, and 64 game pieces (half red and half yellow.) for once it is also easy to get it back in when tidying away as everything fits into the box nicely! You play it with two players and the majority of the rules are the same as if you were to play the normal version, if you wanted to include some more people then maybe you could make a tournament, with points and playing the winner etc, who knows...

Playing the game is simple enough. Rather than the 2d board where you slot discs into the top and fall down into place, this is a 3D grid and therefore there are a lot more ways to win and 'connect 4,' the discs have a bit on the bottom and top so that they can be stacked and stick into the holes in the grid. There are 64 discs and 16 holes in the grid so this means that there must be use of 3D otherwise the game would be over pretty fast, this gives so many combinations you can have with a mixture of both 2 and 3D! As there is lots of possible combinations, I'd say the playing time for this game could be anything from 2 minutes if someone won really fast to about 10 minutes!

I got this for Christmas so I'm not entirely sure where it was from, but on amazon it is priced at £13.49, although looking at amazon I see that it has now been rebranded again and instead of being called connect 4 advanced it is now called connect 4*4. I'd say its worth the money, board games seem to be getting quite expensive these days so this isn't too bad, especially as it wont really get old and can appeal to everyone.

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