Radio Controlled Banshee Helicopter with lights model 3CH-777

MOTA 6036 iPhone/iPad/iPod Remote Controlled RC Helicopter (Extreme Edition), White/Silver


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Well, there you have it. Whether you need a small and inexpensive heli just to play with on an occasional afternoon or you want the best remote control helicopter with camera that money can buy, is sure to be just right for you!

I am thinking of buying a remote controlled helicopter with a camera for my father – he would really enjoy himself. However, at the moment he lives in Greenland and therefore I need it to be able to handle some wind and cold. At the same time it can’t be too expensive. Can you help me by suggesting a/some model(s)?

1 x Mini 3.5 channel control helicopter

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    Unless you’re a professional aerial photographer or need very high quality aerial videos and photos for your business, you probably just want a remote control helicopter with camera that you can have some good ol’ fashion fun with. If this is the case, it’s hard to look past the .

    There's something exciting about controlling a vehicle from afar, watching it twist and turn at your command. Remote control helicopters offer the most direct control of any RC vehicle, letting you hover, soar and dance around obstacles with unmatched finesse. With modern gyroscopes and six-channel controls, they needn't be difficult to fly.