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The general consensus among experts is that the safest cribs are those that are free of decorative embellishments such as scrollwork, finials, canopies, or other additions that can catch on clothing or become choking hazards. Also check the slat distance – the space between the vertical rails in the bed. Babies can get their arms, legs, and even heads stuck if there is too much room between slats.

When you assemble the crib (or someone assembles it for you) make sure to check the hardware that keeps the crib pieces together. Do screws stick out? Are all exposed metal pieces out of reach of baby? Is the wood where the screws enter sturdy and without structural imperfections? On that note it’s important to check the mattress supports to ensure that they are supportive and can withstand wear without failing and breaking.

The Solid-wood Portofino cribs for babies

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  • In January 2010, Cribbs was named to the for the 2000s.

    Once the crib is put together you have to put in the mattress to make sure that it fits inside without any gaps or openings. Only use mattresses that are designed specifically for cribs, as they are designed to be the safest for baby. It’s a good idea to buy the mattress when you make your crib purchase and you can avoid hassle and guesswork of buying one or the other first.

    Of course your baby’s safety is of utmost importance, so there are some points to make about crib safety. Before you buy any crib, even if it’s currently available on the retail market, check the to see if it’s been recalled. You can alsothat announce recalls.