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Following the approach of the television show closely, DORA THE EXPLORER: DORA SAVES THE SNOW PRINCESS has plucky bilingual heroine Dora (voiced by ) and her animal pals reading a story about a little girl who is magically transformed into a snow princess. When a winter-hating witch locks the princess up in a castle, a snow fairy begs Dora to help him rescue her so that all of the snow doesn't melt. Dora, the Snow Fairy, and Dora's friends must outrun polar bears, repel an icy sea snake, and outwit the witch to restore the princess to her wintry kingdom. The DVD also includes two shorter Dora stories.

Chrissy: Dora the Explorer? Looks more like Dora Is Regretting Wearing This Tiny-Ass Backpack Because She Didn’t Pack Enough Snacks To Sustain Her For An Entire Night Alone In The Woods Now That She’s Lost Without Wi-Fi.

Title: Dora the Explorer (2000– )

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Obviously, the overflowing emergency room doesn’t immediately treat Leo. Ben sneaks a peek at Mindy sitting on the ER floor and fakes a prank call to help Mindy. With help from Dora the Explorer (Leo’s second favorite show; first is Entourage, naturally), Ben gives Leo his ear drops and maybe, possibly, potentially wins over Mindy? As a man with a 13-year-old daughter who seemingly has his head screwed on correctly, he’s her type. Meaning, he’s her exact opposite.

Before I begin, I applaud what Dora The Explorer tries to accomplish. Shows like Sesame Street want to teach kids about other cultures and languages. I think a kid's show that lets kids learn about another culture and language is a good thing. We need more shows like this.

The problem with the show is its execution. First of all, I feel that Dora treats their young audience like idiots. They expect the child to scream the answers to Dora at the T.V.; as if she'll hear them. Second, the show has a shrill way of getting its point across. Dora, Boots, the Knapsack, the Map and everybody else talk down to the audience or simply come off as annoying. The songs and writing are weak and the voice-acting will give you a headache. The Map, especially, grates on me. There is way too much repetitiveness and it's tiring to see Dora asking for help whenever she comes to an obstacle. She's not much of an explorer.

The worse part of the show is the fact that there is NOTHING here that an adult can enjoy. The ride is as saccharine as it gets. Also, the animation is pretty blah. It's full of colors but it won't win any awards for its technical brilliance.

Yes, maybe the show will keep kids occupied but I think there are much better shows from the past and even today that can help teach kids when they don't want a textbook or a learning toy. This is just their Grey's Anatomy, a bad show whose popularity is due to their fans calling it "escapism" as their excuse for watching it.