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Melissa & Doug Deluxe Standing Easel


Melissa and Doug Easel Accessory Set

This easel came with stripped screws, and was not made properly to have all of the parts lined up correctly., making it impossible to be put together correctly. It is very poorly and cheaply designed and does not work well in a childcare center. We have a few in the center and they have been easily destroyed and taken apart by the children. I will not be purchasing any more Melissa and Doug easels.

With the Melissa & Doug Easel, kids can choose between a chalkboard and a dry-erase side for whatever they feel like creating. This durable wooden easel comes with convenient supply trays on either side to hold paint and other materials. The paper roll holder features a child-safe cutter that lets kids cut their paper to the perfect size. Ages 3 +.

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It is little wonder then that despite the fact that this easel is by no means a new toy this year, it nevertheless remains one of the hottest toys for Christmas. So what does the Melissa & Doug Standing Easel have to offer.

Don’t you scowl at me like that, missy! I refuse to let you skip sleep to paint with your Melissa & Doug easel and paper roll just so that you can be tired and cranky later and start making obnoxious claims like “art died with post-modernism.” Your latest expressionist masterpiece will still be there when you wake up.