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Gammon Percussion Full Size Complete Adult 5 Piece Drum Set with Cymbals Stands Stool and Sticks, Black


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KOLARS is a highly experimental duo committed to creating a new sound that will thrill audiences all over the world. Singer and guitarist Rob Kolar is the mastermind behind their production, writing and mixing the material himself. Drummer Lauren Brown has created her own style of percussion where she dances out rhythms on a bass drum with her feet while also playing a more traditional stand-up drum set, essentially transforming herself into a tap-dancing drummer. In their own words, KOLARS create a soundscape of they’ve successfully created an infectious, innovative sound that combines both folk and dance music.

After years of being a band geek this guy was left with clunky old instruments scattered throughout his home. Instead of letting his old drum set rot away, he put it to good use and now it’s one of the coolest things in his home.

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With nearly 40 years of drum building experience, TAMA knows what drummers really want. Which is why TAMA has the set you need, want, and can afford no matter how long you've been playing drums or what budget you have to work with. TAMA launched the most affordable kit to ever incorporate so many high-end features - Imperialstar. Every aspect of the modern drum kit was exhaustively examined, reexamined, and then improved before it was accepted as part of the Imperialstar design.
That's why, if you start playing Imperialstar drums now as a beginner, you'll still be enjoying them when you've achieved pro status.

The Recording Custom series has a long history in the world of drumming. The kit originally launched in the mid-’70s as the YD-9000, taking on the Recording Custom name in the mid-’80s. Over the years, the Recording Custom has changed in a few ways, but its all-birch shell has remained the unwavering trademark of the series since its inception. Yamaha recently collaborated with drumming icon Steve Gadd to revamp the Recording Custom for 2016. According to Yamaha, the result is a “refined, focused sound with…deeper tones.” Let’s dig in!