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Do you want to keep the kids entertained through the holidays and long after that? If so, you might be interested in an electric train sets for kids. The Easy Rail track makes it simple for kids to set up the track without your assistance. The remote control allows the train to go forwards or reverse and it is easy to use. The train set and the smokestack will puff away as the old-fashioned steam train makes its way around the track. As well as the track and remote control, you get a station, steam engine, Elevated Mountain with tunnel. Also included in this set are, crossing gate, wood block, working crane, and caboose among the set. Suitable for kids between 2 and 7 years, this is sure to be one of the Christmas or birthday highlights this year. It is durable, robust and lots of fun.

Kids present a variation on this theme somewhat. Small children are best with the wooden kind their imaginations are full in flow so the added realism of one of the electric train sets for kids is not as much a factor. They can see the real in what is less real. As your kid (or husband) grows up the added realism of the electric set makes sense that is more practical. In addition, different scales have differing degrees of realism by the shear nature of the scale. In addition, another factor is product availability if you want a wide selection N and HO scales generally offer the most selection of accessories and modeling selection.

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They vary in price. You can get anything from basic electric train sets for kids for $25 right up to top of the line ones for $500 or more. You do not have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a great set. Although you do get what you pay for. The size of the set, different scales and prototypes affect the pricing. A figure-8 style track with a steam locomotive and eight cars is going to cost more than a circle track with a diesel engine and four cars.

Are you looking for an electric train sets for kids? Electric train sets are not just for little kids but big ones too. They are available in many different styles from small tabletop sets to larger sets that will need some floor space. With an electric train your kids will have hours of fun. Watch them carefully layout the tracks and set the train to traveling down the tracks. Featured below are the some of the top sets for kids that are available this season. Give your kids the gift of a lifetime they will enjoy it forever.