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The first electric guitar amplifier was likely made by Leo Fender and was a modified valve-based public address amplifier. Fender's early guitar amplifiers had no controls and simply amplified the electric signal produced by early magnetic pickups. Although early prototypes exist, the first commercially produced guitar amplifier was made by Fender in 1947.

Now, back to the question. What wasYOUR first electric guitar and amp? Howdid it influence your playing? Were youforever changed? Please respond as a comment to this blog :-). If ya got a pic of thatfirst rig, email me (); welove that kinda thing around here!

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Posted: Fri Feb 25, 2011 8:36 pm
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Yes, it listed for $995 - part of the reason the whole "Venture" went bankrupt in a couple short years. Here are more pics of the Mosrite amp: left and right side inputs, center effects and foot pedal for same.

I bought the amp from the guy who bought out the Mosrite line when it went bankrupt in 1970. He was a friend of my father's, of course, and I drove to Minneapolis and went into a parking ramp where all the amps, finished and unfinished, along with boxes and boxes of parts were sitting. I bought the BG-1000 in perfect working order, then I bought two of the BG-500 cabinets with 15" Jensen speakers in them, but no heads. I used the amp and two cabinets for guitar and PA for years.

The interesting part is that I still have all of them, forty years later, and that amp still cranks now just like it did then.

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You never forget your first time! So,reader friends, I’m curious. What wasyour first guitar and amp, and how do you think it influenced yourplaying? In my Idescribed my first electric set-up, !

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Learn what features to look for in your first guitar amplifier.

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