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Hasbro has plenty of different toys tying into Transformers: Age of Extinction, including plenty of the regular transforming figures in different sizes, but the Flip and Change figures are designed to be easier for younger kids to switch from vehicle to robot and back, as my son demonstrates in the video above. Flip and Change Grimlock look a little bit of practice, but most of the transforming takes place in one fairly smooth motion that he was able to pick up pretty quickly.

Video Review of the Transformers Age of Extinction: Flip and Change Bumblebee


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Transformers flip n change Bumblebee

Lockdown - Flip and Change : Hasbro - Papelaria Japuíba

The trade off for that simplicity is that other than his forearms, Flip and Change Grimlock doesn’t really have any moving parts, which could limit his playability somewhat. That shouldn’t be a problem for five year-olds, while the older kids can choose from the other, more articulated, options.

Watch out, here come the Transformers! Evil doesn’t stand a chance against these rapidly transforming fighting machines! Transformers 4 Flip and Change- Grimlock is ready to fight in fearsome dinosaur mode, and super strong robot mode! Watch out as he grapples with enemies hand to hand with his super strength! When Grimlock is ready to finish the fight, he converts into a terrifying dinosaur in a flash! In the epic battles to come, no robot will be able to stand up against the ultimate combat skills and fast converting action of your Grimlock figure!