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Yes, The Furby Boom* app will function with Furblings

Furby Boom is the next evolution of Furby and definitely took things to the next level. We saw cool features like being able to name a Furby and have it remember it’s own name. Furby Boom Baby! Not only could Furby remember it’s name but it could also remember the names of other Furbies and Furblings. Speaking of Furblings, Furby Boom could reproduce and create up to 50 cute little Furblings. In the virtual world you could them all in a Furby Hotel in the city. Once you fill all the rooms you could even win the Golden egg.

The Furby Boom App has a bunch of awesome features that will let create your own Furby Boom egg and hatch your own Furblings, and create a whole Furbling city! You can even name Furby Boom and it will remember it's name and the name of other Furbies. Furby just keeps getting smart and Furby Boom is proof of that, we can't wait to see what new Furby is coming out this year!Orange Stars Furbling is out in stores now and exists in the real world, not just your iPad. Meet today! Furby Boom Rocks!

Actual Rainbow Furby Boom 2014.I love the colors so much!

New 2014 Furby Boom Crystal Series advertisement

The Furby Boom experience combines real-world interactions with virtual play for a game that will keep you coming back for more. Your Furby Boom responds to you, changes personalities based on how you treat it, dances to your music, speaks Furbish and, more than anything, wants to connect with you!

Furblings were first introduced as virtual beings that you could only create on your APP. Now they are available in the real world as adorable little creatures that will play and interact with you. They may be little but what they lack in size they make up for in personality. Furblings are a lot smaller than Furby Boom and are also a lot less expensive at only $20.00.