A. The original "Giddy Up Horses"!

Aurora World World Giddy-Up Stick Horse 37" Plush, Brown


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What is there not to love about a child's experience of riding a toy horse that feels and looks real? Each child can control the direction of the horse, from left to right, by a simple twist of the handlebars located conveniently on the side of the horse's neck. Each of our "Giddy up Horses" frames are constructed from forged steel, fiber glass body and covered in high grade soft padded plush. Wheels are made with high grade PU that is also used in Skateboards and roller blades. Adjustable pedals allows for easy adjustments, for riders of most heights (with no tools). Available in 3 sizes, small (2-6yrs), Medium (4-11 yrs), and Large (12--full size adult). The medium size horses can hold a rider up to 95lbs and the larger Horses steel frame capacity can support up to 200 pounds.

It's the Newest and Hottest product for kids and adults alike. Giddy Up Cycle Horse/pony is a far improvement for the old traditional rocking horse or spring horses. Giddy Up Horses/cycle pony moves by the rider's gentle motion of bouncing up and down on the saddle which causes the horse's legs and head to move forward & back, propelling it in a galloping motion.

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Lauren and Abby's first horse show. Put on by the Giddy Up Horse Club at the Cadillac Ranch in Belle Fourche, South Dakota. A makeup show from a previously cancelled show earlier this year. Amazing weather for Halloween.