Goldberger Dolls opened its doors in Brooklyn, New York, in 1916.

Goldberger Babys First Classic 11 inch Baby Doll Pink Apple Dress

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For nearly a century we have continuously created plaything of quality and delight for girls all over the world. Over the years, the Goldberger name has been Goldberger Dolls, EeGee and EG. The Goldberger Company is nearing its 100th Birthday - that's nearly a century of creating toddler specific toys, dolls, bears and more recently toddler water wonders!

The internet swarms with hundreds of collectible doll websites with displays of Goldberger dolls. In print by Dawn Herlocher (Krause Publications, 2008) includes "The trademark EEGEE was adopted in 1923. Early dolls were marked 'EG,' followed by 'E. Goldberger,' and finally 'Eegee' or occasionally 'Goldberger.' Eegee is one of the longest-running, continuously operating manufacturers of dolls in the United States. Although the company never achieved the level of fame acquired by many other doll companies, Eegee constantly produced innovative and appealing quality dolls."

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Goldberg Slappy Ventriloquist Doll - Sears

Goldberger Dolls sent me two Babys First dolls for Little Sister C, the first doll, in Pink, is soft, huggable & will chase away any bedtime fears with her ROAR! She has comforting lights & sounds with just a squeeze of her tummy, she is also washable & comes with Goldberger’s Lifetime Guarantee!

What doll do you think the “little mommy” in your life would love from Goldberger Dolls? I love how adorable these dolls look & I can’t wait to see the excitement on my daughter’s face Christmas morning when she opens up her new Goldberger Dolls, I know she will be in love!