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ITEMS NEEDED– Large Bag of Gummy Bears

But when it comes down it, it’s not really about the movies, the cartoons, or even the taste or chew, Kimmerle says. It’s that gummy bears (of all brands) are just so adorable: “I do think the bears have become so significant because they are anthropomorphic. They are so easy to personify and well, love. No other candy is a cute, mini creature quite like a gummy bear.”

Hans Riegel., the man behind German candy company Haribo, maker of Gummi Bears, . The company he ran was founded in 1946; gum arabic was the original base ingredient for the candy, which led to its name.

Fruit-flavoured gummy bears were originally called dancing bears, inspired by the performing brown bears that once appeared at circuses and fetes. The fierce expression on their jelly faces was replaced with a smile in a 2007 makeover.

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    And just in time, too. Thanks to German-language teachers in U.S. high schools dispensing gummy bears in classrooms so their students could sample foreign cuisines, and American servicemen bringing gummy souvenirs from overseas for their families, the demand for Gold-Bears in this country was growing. Naturally, professional sugar pushers looking to create a similar cash cow (or bear, as it were) had starting making their own versions of Haribo’s best-selling item: The American Jelly Belly Company (previously The Herman Goelitz Company) came out with a gummy bear in 1981, the same year Trolli launched gummy worms. In 1982, Haribo, which had been selling Gold-Bears through U.S. distributors, astutely decided it was time to open up its first American office and staked its claim in Baltimore (the branch is still in operation today).

    joins Michael and Tyler to talk about his upcoming project “Canyonland”. The guys also touch on sticking Gummy Bears into buttholes and FleshLights.