DIY Printable Hello Kitty straw bows. $7.00, via Etsy.

Hello Kitty Milk Straws: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla (5 Straws per each flavor)

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Hello Kitty Plastic Straws. These very cute Hello Kitty expanding straws are made of plastic and are reusable. The straws are 22.5cm long and are sold individually. Great to theme your . Not suitable for under 3 years as small parts.

Up for auction is 24 hello kitty straws. Each straw is bendable, 10" in length and has a 2 1/4inch tissue pink hello kitty attached. These are great for any tropical, luau or bird theme party. You will receive 2 unopened packages that contain 12 straws each.

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    The Hello Kitty cocaine straw is something that, when you really think about it, should come as somewhat of a shock. The fact that upon seeing this you probably even failed to raise an eyebrow goes to show how well Hello Kitty has fully integrated herself into the illegal drug market. I mean, there is , (including a ) and , so the Hello Kitty cocaine straw fits in quite well with the loving, positive role model Hello Kitty wants to be:

    Need to add a little flavor to your breakfast? A bribe to get your kids to drink their milk? Simply pour a nice large glass of milk and insert a Hello Kitty Milk Straw to enjoy the flavor of Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry. The straws are filled with flavor pellets that release flavor and dissolve as the milk passes through for a refreshing glass of milk that anyone aged 1 to 100 will enjoy! Try all three flavors at once and go for that ice cream sundae taste Great for kids, adults, and parties. Each flavor pack includes 5 straws.