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Hot Wheels - Mega Jump - includes Vehicle & Ramp - W5367 Get on the track and perfect your racing skills with our Hot Wheels Stunt Set. Includes 1 car. For ages 5 & up. Hot Wheels Mega Jump stunt set! Get on the track and perfect your racing skills with our Hot Wheels Stunt Set. Includes 1 vehicle and jump track. For ages 5 & up..

Hot Wheels Sky Jump Track Set is action-packed. The Sky Jump takes off from the motorized platform races, moves on to a huge two-feet vertical jump, releasing the other cars on the platform or crashing into the fiery depths.p>

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Specifications of - Mattel Hot Wheels Mega Jump Assortment - W5367
Battery InfoBatteries not required
Age3 years and up

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The Hot Wheels Fearless Jump Stunt is part of MEGA Bloks line of buildable Hot Wheels vehicle sets. With this 101-piece construction set, Hot Wheels fans can construct their own vehicle and stunt course. Use the Turbo Tire launcher to launch the vehicle over the ramp and jump through the finish line. Place the tire on the roof of your Fearless Jump Stunt vehicle then rotate the tire with your free hand back to send the vehicle flying forward. The set also includes one race car driver minifigure.

Most of the Hot Wheels sets that we've seen recently feature high-concept or fantastical themes like pirate ships and giant, mutated alligator heads. The idea behind the Hot Wheels Super Jump Raceway is the rough and notoriously fast-paced "urban jungle." A cardboard set of skyscrapers poses as the danger below the cars' biggest jump — not the clomping jaws of a water-dwelling reptile — and an attached motor turbo-charges the fun. Like most toy race-car tracks, this isn't one grandchildren will play with for years to come, but for the short-term, our tester-dad described it as something his 5-year old " ... can't keep his hands off!"