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Marvel Avengers Hulk Gamma Grip Fists


Hulk Hands were featured in the 2008 film starring and .

The original release featured semi-open packaging and large "Try Me" tags, which made them extremely popular with children, but much less so with retailers who had to deal with damaged packaging. The Hulk Hands were easily the highest-selling and most popular of toys that produced from the movie license. Realizing their broader appeal, Toy Biz produced a number of runs both for the movie and under a generic comic-based banner, now favoring more enclosed packaging but retaining the "Try Me" angle. The version of Hulk Hands made for film toyline, "Gamma Green Smash Fists" are smaller and a darker green than previous incarnations and made by as part of (2008). For the toyline, "Hulk Gamma Grip Fists" differed by having open palms, allowing the wearer to loosely grip objects.

Toy Biz also produced Electronic Thing Hands as merchandise for the . The Thing Hands were basically a version of the Hulk Hands colored and textured to resemble those of the , with appropriate sound effects and catch phrases.

Hulk Hands are a trademark accessory of the lead singer of .

Hulk hands by Angel Giggle Cakes

Hulk Hands came out with the first (not quite excellent) Hulk movie. Massive foam-rubber fists that went up to about mid-forearm and made noise when you hit things. You know the ones.

At the time, I was young(er). I didn’t have much disposable income, as most of my money went (and still goes) toward books, and begging my parents was really not an option. But, these Hulk Hands were such a Thing of Want, I had to force myself to stay out of the toy aisle. They made my Christmas list, but Santa declined.