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Impulse Toys Reviews: 01 - Perfect Combiner PC-01/02 ..

Impulse toys usually evoke images of shaky hands and dry lips caused from the “I-Just-Have-To-Have-It” syndrome. Unusual, colorful and sometimes hilarious, Novelty and Impulse toys are those strategically stashed near registers and exits as a last ditch effort to sway customers into whipping out their wallets.

Super Impulse Toys is committed to creating innovative toys, novelties, and accessories for kids and the young at heart. We offer licensed and non-licensed products designed to elicit smiles. Our products are both classic and trend-forward, from nostalgic toys adults had as kids, to items that kids will remember as adults.

Impulse Toys Reviews: 09 - Battle Core Optimus Prime - Duration: 7:33

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