Wheaton South Indoor Girls Track Meet

SueSport Girls Pink Princess Play Tent Indoor and Outdoor, Children Play Tent for Girls

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2008 Hockomock Indoor Girl's 600M

As always, safety is paramount when organizing indoor girl scout games. Make sure that your games are relevant to the ages of the girls involved, and always carefully supervise any and all activities. It is also worthwhile ensuring that you gain written consent from girls' parents/guardians when undergoing activities that could be regarded as risky.

Devising a list of indoor girl scout games can be particularly useful during the inclement weather of the winter months. Girl scout meetings are regularly held on a night during the week and often involve indoor activities such as games. There are a few categories of games that girl scouts can play, ranging from straightforward fun and energetic games to thought-provoking games with a moral. As always, safety is key when organizing and running indoor games.

Brünig Indoor Girl shooting SIG SG 550

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