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Fans of Missile Command and Centipede will love the surprisingly fast gameplay of Worm Whomper, which has players guiding a spray gun up and down the screen, shooting poison and plough balls (to the right) at hoards of slugs, bugs, snails and other creepy crawlies attacking Felton Pinkerton’s corn crop. Worm Whomper is a nice change of pace from the scores of slower, more methodical games in the Intellivision library.

The original 5-person Mattel game development team had grown to 110 people under now-Vice President Baum, while Daglow led Intellivision development and top engineer Minkoff directed all work on all other platforms.

one of the best intellivision games... burgertime!!

Beauty & the Beast (INTELLIVISION) $1.00

Ryan Kinnen's Intellivision Programming Page

Development of the console began in 1978, less than a year after the introduction of its main competitor, the Atari 2600. The word intellivision is a portmanteau of “intelligent television”. Over 3 million Intellivision units were sold and a total of 125 games were released for the console.

I had an Intellivision 1,2, the voice module and the computer keyboard I had a friend working for Mattel Electronics at the time and he let me take home the un release Intellivision 3